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Soooooo do you guys think I could be Frankenhooker if there’s ever sequel? Shucks, I sure hope so! #horror #movies #imanadult

One more main record to go and a million more others. At least I have a hobby. #vinyl #music #tsex

I’m slinging words @hmuncut now. Click if you like reading about blood and boobs. #horror #movies #writing

Where all my time and money is going

Rad records and musical musing, via ginchy

Cash has a phd in pillow use. #scholar #dogs #beagles #woofwednesday

Go buy records!

Hi-Fi Records’ Kyle Maggart seizes the day in Olathe, via The Pitch (photo via the paper, too)

This is a great place. I’m always so very nervous when writing about friends, but this place is killer. I’ll still go there even if the friend hates me after writing the piece… that’s dedication.

Live to Horror Another Day

I was contacted by Horror Move Uncut’s site runner about contributing. How could I have said no? I mean, I love horror — and I love writing! Total no brainer. My first foray on the site tackled all the crazy shit that went down in All Cheerleaders Die and how it wasn’t a total feminist disaster.

Read it! It’s fun.

Image: All Cheerleaders Die site

Take a bite out of life

Something making me “not murder-y” today. #music #vinyl

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